Project Description

South Africa’s transport industry is dominated by an unregulated, unsafe and deeply entrenched parallel industry. The Western Cape Government was challenged to introduce a safe, reliable and sustainable integrated transport service in the Municipality of George. The Western Cape Government approached us to design, structure and implement the legal, institutional and financial solutions for the Municipality of George. We were also tasked with providing strategic guidance to ensure that the project was implemented in a highly sensitive fiscal and political environment. The solution would need to take into account the highly complex inter-governmental relationship that National Legislation had mandated to govern the process, as well as the highly volatile nature of the incumbent industry.

The inter-governmental governance arrangement required us to design the first structure of its kind in South Africa. Once in place, we lead the negotiation process with the taxi industry which allowed for the incorporation of the taxi industry into the long term delivery partners for the project. The ongoing investment and budget management of the project has ensured success. The ground breaking inter-government structure has been instrumental in guiding the Western Cape Government’s approach to implementing sustainable public transport solutions in other cities across the Province.


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