Project Description

Ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, transport policy and legislation underwent significant revision. This stimulated the development of integrated public transport networks and shifted the majority of transport service delivery functions from provinces to municipalities. As a result, the transport mandate for municipalities changed significantly and new sources of funding were introduced. The eThekwini Transport Authority (ETA), the department responsible for transport in eThekwini, needed to restructure itself to effectively fulfil its new mandate and utilize the new funding. We were appointed to develop the business case for realignment, and to assist in developing the revised structure of the organization.

The first step was to interpret the recently introduced legislation and policy to understand the revised transport functions, and opportunities stemming from these changes. We also worked with the client to understand the vision and long term direction of the organization. Next, we worked closely with the ETA leadership and relevant stakeholders to develop the structure to most effectively perform functions and achieve the vision, and to understand costs and other implications. An implementation plan was developed to build urgent capacity quickly. We explored innovative solutions to benefit a range of stakeholders, including developing a business case for a unique corporate form that would own buses servicing the new integrated public transport network. Implementation of the realigned structure has begun, and the ETA is building its capacity to most effectively perform its transport functions.


South Africa




eThekwini Transport Authority