Project Description

South Africa’s secondary cities generate a significant quantity of solid waste each year. They do however lack the funding and human resources capacity. The Department of Environmental Affairs, in partnership with the German Development Cooperation, needed to scale up of 6 alternative waste management projects in pre-selected municipalities in South Africa, and to include a further 20-30 municipalities, with the potential of diverting 1 million tonnes of waste away from South African landfills. Total capital outlay requirements for 30 projects are in the order of $75mil over a period of 4-5 years.

We developed a financial model as a user-friendly decision support tool for government, in order to assess the impact of selecting different projects across 40 pre-selected municipalities. The model was specifically designed to highlight the impact and sensitivities of dissemination funding from a single pooled source to multi pre-selected project beneficiaries. This programmatic approach is used to improve the liquidity of capital financing, and the standardization and efficiency of procurement processes.


South Africa