Project Description

Tanzania experiences an abundance of rainfall. However, spatial and temporal variability, combined with a lack of infrastructure is leading to water insecurity, undermining economic prospects for citizens. These challenges are likely to increase as a result of climate change. The UK Department for International Development (DfID) asked us to look at how a five year program of investment could be structured to deliver maximum impact, in terms of delivering positive social, environmental and economic benefits for Tanzanians. We worked with Tanzanian Ministry of Water, DFID and other government and donor partners to design the programme.

We were asked to design a new Facility that could channel international & domestic public funds, as well as private investment to increase the integrity of water resource management and increase the stock of infrastructure in Tanzania. The team developed a clear strategic and business case for the Facility. This allowed the client to mobilise public funds for its launch using bi-lateral climate finance. As a result, DfID were able to secure GBP 70m of International Climate Finance to deliver the water security program in Tanzania. Key commercial and managerial considerations where also identified, helping DfID launch the program in 2017.






The UK Department for International Development